Now that your staff is set up working from home, talent management takes on a whole new meaning. Among the challenges of scheduling, team management, communications tools, cash flow, and others, company culture issues are at an all-time-high. Amidst the pressing demands and strains on the company, how do you effectively maintain some semblance of culture and uphold the framework that you’ve spent tireless hours building?

Three Things You Should Always Focus on With Your Talent

(… even when the world may be ending)


Here are three simple management mindsets that can keep your talent engaged and driving forward, both in times of crisis and when things return to business as usual:

1. Always provide transparency, even if you can’t provide certainty.
Though you may not have all the answers, you do have information about the status of the business, including client contracts, pipeline, cash flow, benefits, etc. Tell your employees what you know, what you don’t, and your plan for uncovering all the information you can. Give them quantifiable timelines, budgets, and milestones when possible.

2. Make yourself available.
You don’t need an open-door policy to have an open-calendar policy. Implement tools to give your talent easy access to you, including shared calendars, Calendly, Zoom, etc. Though you may experience an adjustment period in adopting these tools, the connection you’ll be able to uphold with your team will more than compensate for any growing pains.

3. Maintain some semblance of corporate culture.
Social distancing has changed the face of corporate culture. And while your Friday Happy Hours may not include a kitchen round-up, it’s important to continue celebrating as a team. Focus on staff recognition, milestones, anniversaries, client wins, positive feedback, new business, gratitude lists, etc. Focusing on the positives and keeping connections strong can make all the difference in times of crisis, both individually and for the company as a whole.

How We Interact and Work Together is Critical

No one knows what ‘normal’ may be when the dust settles, but one thing that has not and will not change is this — how we interact and work together is absolutely critical to you and your company’s success.

True, these management tools may take a little extra effort, but if you flex those emotional intelligence muscles a bit, you’ll be amazed by the return you receive in the end.

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