You have an overarching business strategy and every piece of your company’s operations accounted for. Excellent. But have you considered where your humans fit into the mix? That’s where Talent Optimization (TO) comes in.

People Strategy + Business Strategy = Talent Optimization

An effective Talent Optimization strategy connects your business strategy with your people and allows for a consistent, repeatable, measurable way of determining your company’s optimal organizational design and how to hire accordingly.

Three Reasons Your Company Should Employ a TO Strategy

So, why does this matter? Here are three reasons your company should employ a Talent Optimization strategy now.

1. Assemble and retain top talent. An effective TO strategy will help you get the right people on the ship and keep them there. Once you know how to align strategy with results, Talent Optimization will ensure you hire the right people for each specific role and keep them motivated to achieve their individual and the company’s collective goals.

2. Give your team the tools they need to succeed. Once you have a clear direction for where your company is going, and who is going to take you there, you may not have a clear grasp on what tools you need to keep the ship and crew in order. A strong TO strategy will ensure your team is equipped with the best tools and support to achieve your aggressive strategic goals.

3. Have clear measurements for success. Without SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely), you have no means to efficiently determine if your outcomes are in alignment with your goals, and how to diagnose any gaps or issues in the process. A strong talent optimization strategy allows you to spot check and adjust as needed.

The Bottom Line

Business is all about results, but it’s your people who will succeed or fail in achieving those results. Having a talent optimization strategy is the surest way to align your people with your business strategy, and in turn, to your required results.

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