Alignments are Not Just for Cars…

Recently, as I do every summer, I took my restored, vintage, 1974 yellow Super Beetle for a ride. The nostalgic yellow Beetle was my very first car and all that I could afford at seventeen. I remember continually fighting the car as she tried to veer to the right while driving. Of course, any tune-ups were out of the question. I didn’t have enough money to buy the car, let alone fix it, so I ended up driving it out of alignment. Until one dark wet night, I paid the price. I heard a heart-stopping pop and felt a hard jerk to the right. A little investigation revealed a shredded back right tire and a ruined Saturday night.

The life lesson I learned that night is we can live our lives out of alignment for only so long before there is a price to pay. We can be out of alignment in so many different ways, personally and professionally.


Sometimes we are misaligned in our job…

or the culture is too toxic. Maybe you work a job just for the money and have zero fulfillment in the work you do. Sometimes we surround ourselves with people who are just not a great fit. Maybe we are in a toxic relationship, maybe your childhood friends don’t have the same goals in life as you do anymore, or even perhaps we made terrible financial decisions.

Whatever these misalignments are, we find our life in crisis. When you live life out of alignment, and at some point, a correction comes – usually at the worst possible moment. I look at many folks who’ve gone through this readjustment or misalignment, and while it was harrowing at the time, they are now more fulfilled and happier when they get back in alignment.

Wherever you are in your life, and wherever these external things are taking you on your journey, pushing you from the left and right, the best thing to do for yourself and those around you is to bring yourself back into alignment. True, Purpose HQ helps companies find purpose, but I am most fulfilled when I see the impact on individuals and their “aha” moments to discover who they are.

Here are five ways you can get back into alignment:

  • Get a mentor or life coach
  • Obtain data using surveys and assessments
  • Write down your one year, three years, and 10-year goals
  • Personal SWOT
  • Ask for feedback


Mentor or Life Coach

Find a peer, someone you admire or hire a coach to assess where you would like to go. Having a new set of eyes on your goals and mindset while helping you overcome the pitfall of doing things the way you did before and encourage you to establish healthier habits.


Obtain Data

Becoming more self-aware will enable you to see how you got to where you are today and allow you to see the areas where you can improve. Assessments are tremendous tools that will enable you to make more informed decisions. While our business centers around serving other companies, our purpose is to help the individuals who make up that organization. That’s why our platform at Purpose HQ is free for individuals, and several assessments are free for individuals to take to start their self-awareness journey.


Goal Planning

What do you want out of life? Write down what you want to achieve in 1 year, in 3 years, in 10 years. Then, hold yourself accountable to those goals. What steps can you take in the next month, next quarter, next year, to help you achieve your goals?


Personal SWOT

Take the time to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Write them down. What are your opportunities? What are your threats or stumbling blocks?



Having trouble figuring out your strengths and weaknesses? Pull out the big guns and elicit constructive feedback from peers, co-workers, friends, and family. Their insight about you can help you navigate your way back to alignment.


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