Whether you’re struggling with establishing a desired organizational culture, hiring right, retaining talent, aligning your team with corporate culture and/or strategy, empowering your people to excel at their highest potential, getting people in the right seats, or other culture and talent related issues, Purpose HQ has the solutions to address your challenges. 

We typically see these issues occurring in four main areas: culture, hiring, teams, and leadership. Our tools are designed specifically to address unique issues in each area of concern.

Establishing Corporate Culture

A toxic company culture pits employees against each other, isolates employees from leaders, makes employees feel silenced and undervalued, and impedes your team’s success.

We often reach for these tools to correct common culture pain points:


  • Organizational Optimization Checklist
  • Cultural Discovery Excavator™
  • Organizational Diversity Magnifier™

Making the Right Hire

Whether they are hired, promoted, or transitioned into a given role, employees who are misaligned to their job will ultimately fail, which will cause your company to suffer, too.

Through issues related to behavioral or cognitive skills required for the job, or lack of motivation, we have tools to help you hire hard and manage easy.


  • Interpersonal Cognitive Scorecard™
  • Job Alignment Assessment™
  • Cultural Fit Criteria™

Improving Team Dynamics

A team is more than a collection of individuals. To function as a unit, your team must be able to effectively communicate and collaborate. Any tension that arises from miscommunication or lack of communication will threaten the team’s ability to succeed.

Our crew members are experts at building strong teams by giving them the tools they need to overcome common team dynamic issues.


  • Team Cultural Reflection™
  • EQ Gap Identifier™
  • Team Trend Forecaster™

Developing Strong Leadership

Not surprisingly, leadership plays a large role in the performance of your team. If leaders lack the skills or tools to effectively coach and develop employees, your team will not be able to perform up to its full potential and employees may become disengaged, and even leave altogether. 

Our tools are strong enough to identify new leadership talent and support existing leaders through the challenges of professional development.


  • Power Interviewing Guide™
  • Manager Engagement Guide™
  • Executive Alignment Evaluation™

Get your Purpose Diagnostic Report and open up your toolbox to determine, with scientific certainty, where your company can benefit from our talent optimization tools.


People data to power your strategy

  • Employee Experience Survey
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategy Assessment
  • Personality Assessments
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Job Role Assessment
  • Soft Skills
  • Values Survey


Workshops and digital learning

  • Consulting
  • Workshops
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Training
  • EQ Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Team Dynamic Review


Align business strategy and people strategy

  • Data Consolidation Platform
  • Talent Optimization Platform
    • Hiring
    • Management
    • Talent Strategy
    • Employee Engagement
  • DISC
  • Pairin

Purpose HQ’s web-based tools empower us to hire with confidence knowing that our process accurately identifies talent for each specific role we fill. Their monthly coaching allows us to ensure that our employees have the tools and support needed to optimally align their role to the organization.


Director of Career Services, EmployIndy


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