As we emerge from the storm of COVID-19, companies have had to adjust in many different ways. Some have made layoffs and furloughs, others implemented hiring freezes and budget cuts, while some have had to close their doors altogether. In contrast, there are those who find themselves in an opportune position, and needing to hire.

How to Expand Your Workforce Post-COVID-10

(Hint: Hire hard. Manage easy.)

With opportunity come unique challenges. With such an unprecedented influx of newly-available talent, how do companies ensure they are hiring the “right” people, and not just the talent with the most experience, biggest title, seemingly best value, etc.?

At Purpose HQ, we subscribe to the philosophy, “Hire hard. Manage easy.” In other words, put the work in during your talent search to get the right people in the right seats, and enjoy a smooth ride on your way to accomplishing your strategic goals. 

Using advanced, web-based, psychometrics we can interview and screen candidates with many more data points than traditional hiring models, or even hiring “by your gut.”  By employing a talent optimization strategy, we are able to design jobs and create a job fit that defines what values, behaviors and mindsets each unique job requires.  We can then screen candidates based upon their fit to this job.  Factors like emotional intelligence, cultural fit, and mindset are all measured by our web-based tools and recorded within our proprietary dashboard, which creates an effective baseline from which to measure prospects against. 

This has made a tremendous difference in how our clients manage talent.  Since data was used to determine things like culture fit and team fit, clients can now manage talent towards their maximum potential.  No longer do they have to spend the first three months or even year, trying to figure out if they’re a fit.  Just by adding one step to the hiring process and leaning heavily on data, our clients are able to manage their optimized teams much easier. 

Render Consistent Successful Hires

Many of us have subscribed to the “Hire slow. Fire fast.” Mantra, and a lot of that depended upon that gut feeling.  With a data-driven hiring process, our clients’ hiring outcomes have taken out the guess work and rendered consistent successful hires with lasting results. 

An optimized hiring process doesn’t just involve finding candidates, but screening them against your culture, organizational structure and job fit, as well.  Using data to make better hiring decisions allows you to spend less energy managing your talent and expend energy in making your talent the best that they can be.

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