Purpose HQ was founded on one core principle: “Organizations are able to achieve optimum results when their people are aligned with the organization’s values and purpose in their work.”  When properly aligned, organizations are much more likely to drive a desired organizational culture resulting in a higher probability of achieving optimal performance, retain and attract top talent, and achieve their strategic goals. We call this understanding the Five Foundations of Purpose™ and the Purpose Driven Organizational Journey™.  

Co-founded by a tech trailblazer, our leadership team built a proprietary platform to collect and share data for its clients and their most valuable assets – their people. By employing a data-driven strategies, Purpose HQ takes out the guesswork and gives clients the evidence-based tools necessary to make informed decisions about their culture and talent related challenges.  

We work with clients to analyze data and prioritize culture and talent related challenges to address within an organization.  We then create customized solutions and strategies to empower organizations and their people to optimize productivity and efficiency through desired culture and leadership.

You now know our purpose, what’s yours?


Our team is built on G.R.E.A.T. values – literally.

Genuine and authentic – What you see is what you get. We’re comfortable in our own skin to allow others to be comfortable in theirs, too.

Respectful of the responsibility – We understand the tremendous honor it is to guide individual and organizational purpose discovery. We touch lives and are humbled by the responsibility.

Enthusiastically encouraging – We believe in sharing candid feedback with the encouragement that it’s never too late to right the ship. Our three feedback filters are: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

Always growing – Purpose HQ believes in continuous improvement, always looking for new ways to learn, grow, and solve the toughest problems.

Team supported – What’s a team without someone to lean on? We succeed at Purpose HQ, in part, because our crew always has each other’s backs. And, we’ve got yours, too.



Chief Executive Officer & Founder

As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Purpose HQ, John brings a diverse and unique wealth of experience, rooted in leadership development and team-building principles, and backed by data.

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, John returned to Indiana where he attended IUPUI. In 2006, after diving into the worlds of finance, technology, and marketing, he co-founded Bluelock, a managed cloud-hosting provider. While leading Bluelock, in 2008, he was named to the 40 Under 40 by the Indianapolis Business Journal. The IBJ also singled out Bluelock as the fastest-growing company in Indiana. During this same period, he served as president of CVQ, a data center design, construction, and operation firm. In 2009, he was named a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of Year award.

John is the president emeritus of Eleven Fifty Coding Academy, having led the organization to impact 30,000 K-12 students across Indiana, and upskilled over 3,000 adults from 23 states and 4 countries. At Eleven Fifty, John designed, implemented, and grew an immersive bootcamp-style program for students that rendered a 90% graduation rate and over 80% placement rate. While under John’s leadership, Eleven Fifty Academy was approved for the GI Bill and was recognized by the Department of Labor as a certified apprenticeship program.

As an entrepreneur, John is dedicated to developing local talent to stimulate growth and move Indiana forward. In his spare time, John enjoys getting his hands dirty on his family’s suburban farm, tackling the To-Do of the day with heavy equipment, tending chicken coops and bee hives, and spending time with his wife, their three children, and first grandchild.

John Carreon

Chief Revenue Officer & Partner

As Chief Revenue Officer & Partner, John brings over twenty-five plus years of executive leadership level nonprofit and consulting experience. John leads service and revenue strategies for Purpose HQ.  His leadership responsibilities also include partnering with clients in delivering cultural & organizational assessments, executive leadership development, and talent development strategies focused on aligning organizational values, mission and human capital around organizational purpose.

Previously, John served as Chief Advancement Officer for Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  His primary responsibilities included the development and implementation of philanthropic revenue strategies, marketing & communications strategies, brand development, and strategic planning.

Prior to Make-A-Wish, John was Founder and CEO of The Carreon Group. Drawing on over twenty plus years of nonprofit experience, John partnerd with clients in organizational assessment and advancement planning activities that empowered them to achieve strategic initiatives and revenue goals.

Prior to The Carreon Group, John served as Executive Vice President of Thomas P. Miller & Associates, a consulting firm focused on empowering organizations and communities through strategic partnerships.  His specialities and responsibilities included strategic planning, organizational development, advancement planning, and leadership development. 

For the past 18 years, John has also served as Faculty member for the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.  John’s teaching focuses organizational culture & planning, strategic planning, advancement audit and planning methodologies, and advancement planning, and leadership development. 




Cassandra Hustedt

Director of Client Success


As the Director of Client Success, Cassandra brings a unique and diverse background in team building, project management, culture and talent development, and organizational operations.

Her leadership responsibilities include direct client coaching and engagement, design and implementation of project plans, client success strategies, and organizational cultural engagement strategies.  

She is a subject matter expert in cultural and organizational assessments, leadership development, and transformative learning content. She leads large-scale client engagements by guiding strategy design, developing leadership training, and overseeing program implementation and measurement.

Cassandra’s background is in account management, corporate communications, culture and talent development, and organizational operations.


Cassandra also pursues her purpose for people and connection by performing as lead singer in local bands here in Indianapolis.






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Take a good hard look at your company. What are your biggest struggles? Employee turnover, disengagement, a changing market, bad hires? Despite your best efforts and good intentions, you can’t quite figure out how to accelerate your company’s performance.

These struggles are caused by a talent gap that no recruiter, or HR software, can solve. The gap causes low productivity, poor results, and missed opportunities—it’s the reason why most companies fail to perform at their highest potential.

The answer is an exciting emerging HR space called Talent Optimization™. This four-part discipline aligns your talent strategy and business strategy. This method is a core part of Purpose HQ’s system that helps you bridge the talent gap and allows you to look at your people as, well… people.


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Silverback has worked with the team at Purpose for several years now and they have gone well above the normal customer/vendor relationship. They have become our trusted partner in helping us get our new staff up to speed quickly. The team at Purpose, worked with us to define the job and identify candidates who exhibited the behaviors and mindset needed to be successful within our organization. Purpose gave us an understanding of our team at a level we didn’t realize was possible.  The knowledge of the emotional qualities that drive our team’s behavior has been a game changer for us. We view Purpose as an extension of our HR department in helping our organization be successful leading our team.


CEO, Silverback


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