Employee engagement is more than employee happiness…

or job satisfaction – it’s when employees have a deep emotional commitment to both the company and its goals. 

We’ve all the felt the impacts of a disengaged staff: Low Productivity, Terrible retention, and an overall negative work environment, to name a few. However, when engagement is high, you see employees put in that extra effort beyond their personal gain and do what is genuinely for the sake of the company. 

Employee engagement is valuable to your business, but how do you engage employees? There are many pressures an individual can face to impact overall employee engagement at your company, but these boil down to four misalignments that destroy engagement: Job Fit, Team Fit, Leadership, and Culture. 


Have you ever worked a job that didn’t match your skills or personality? When an employee is stuck doing a job that is a poor fit, they tend to check out pretty quickly. That is why Job fit is the most critical element for engagement. You need to align not only the skills of an individual but also the behavioral, cognitive, and cultural nature of that individual with your job role. No surprise, when you hire the right person for the job, you’ll find they have higher performance and higher job satisfaction. They also stay longer and are generally more engaged. 


Lack of trust among co-workers. Uneven distribution of work. Chaotic or dysfunctional team meetings. These are all symptoms of poor employee-team fit. When an employee feels out of place within a team, it can cause friction and lead to isolation and disengagement. 



Having the wrong person in leadership can have a devastating domino effect on the entire team. If management is not focused on inspiring their employees to be their best, they begin to manage tasks, not people. For effective leadership, managers must adapt their management style to each employee’s needs. This first means the manager must gain self-awareness for the behaviors and drives of themselves and their staff. 


The culture in your company can make or break the work environment. There is a culture that is inherited and a culture that is crafted. Purpose HQ help craft your company’s culture, so your team feels happy working in your business. 


Purpose HQ uses data-driven solutions to align your talent-related problems. Engagement is contagious, and when people work in a purpose-driven environment, the results will exceed expectations.

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Team Dynamics: Addition through Subtraction

Team Dynamics: Addition through Subtraction

Team dynamics are the unconscious, psychological forces that influence the direction of a team’s behavior and performance. Whether on purpose or accidental, team dynamics  are created by the personalities within the team, their working relationships with other people, and the environment in which the team works. 

Attract and retain the best employees for the job.

Attract and retain the best employees for the job.

It’s a familiar story. A company invests in a business assessment like Predictive Index, DISC, Enneagram. The employee sits through a day-long workshop, and then the results go into the bottom desk drawer. Not seen again until that employee is released, and in it, you see all of the reasons that that employee didn’t work out.