It’s a familiar story. A company invests in a business assessment like Predictive Index, DISC, Enneagram. The employee sits through a day-long workshop, and then the results go into the bottom desk drawer. Not seen again until that employee is released, and in it, you see all of the reasons that that employee didn’t work out. 

At Purpose HQ, we firmly believe that these valuable tools need to be in front of business leaders and used continuously and with purpose. Specific assessments, or psychometrics, solve particular problems suited to your business’s needs and wanted results. Four misalignments cause disengagement: Job Fit, Team Fit, Leadership, and Culture. Each has its importance in attracting, motivating, and retaining your staff. For the sake of the rest of the article, I will focus on Job Fit. 

Poor Job Fit usually occurs from designing (or a lack of design) the wrong job for the tasks and behaviors required. So not only can you have the right person in the wrong position, you can have the wrong person in the right job. Within the Talent Optimization model, we have a framework to DESIGN the best job and align the business strategies with the results required. Then you HIRE the best candidate to fit the situation designed. 

In looking at job fit, it is not only the hard skills required, but it is also looking at the essential skills, mindset, and values of an employee, and what is needed for the job role. In the example above, I alluded that the results explained why the employee had been fired. We hire based on hard skills, but we fire based upon a lot of other factors, such as mindset, values, emotional intelligence, essential skills, and culture. Purpose HQ likens this concept to Head, Heart, and Briefcase


Talent Optimization Whole Person Hiring

The great thing about taking time to design roles based on values, culture fit, and behaviors is how you begin to build the organization’s culture. You can start to interview and hire based on these “culture fit questions.” The best way to attract and retain the best people is to place them in an environment where they can thrive. You can create that environment by designing a role and a structured hiring process to get the best fit. But once you hire hard, you can manage easily knowing you improved retention and engagement.  

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