Picture a typical hiring experience….

You post a job outlining the tasks that role must perform. Resumés start pouring in. You begin the process of weeding out people based off of past experience until you have narrowed down candidates to the top three. During the interviews, you ask a myriad of question about the candidate’s past job experience. When everyone leaves, you have a gut feeling about your favorite, and offer them the job. Unfortunately – that gut feeling only goes so far. The team dynamics didn’t mesh and ultimately, they had to be let go. Sound familiar?

This is a very common practice.  At Purpose HQ refer to as briefcase hiring or hiring based solely off of previous career experience. However, the problem with briefcase hiring is the lack of consideration for emotional intelligence or core beliefs. The two factors essential in professional soft skills. The fact is, we hire for experience but fire for soft skills. Instead, it is time to start taking into consideration the entire person who shows up to the office.  We call this the Head, Heart, and Briefcase Method built on the core principles of Talent Optimization.


The Drives and Behaviors of the Candidate. Using human analytics during the screening process such as Predictive Index, Pairin, or Kolbe to get an objective view if they have the soft skills and emotional intelligence to succeed at the job.



The Values & Culture of the Candidate including their core values and work ethic. For this, employers strategically use questions based off of the candidate’s human analytics to score if their values and culture matches with the company’s.


The knowledge, skills, and previous experience of the candidate. As used in the past, reviewing the previous jobs, education, certificates acquired over the candidate’s career to assess ability to perform the job.

The Whole Person Shows up to Work

A structured hiring process like this means a better process in place to build better teams, be better managers, and do better work. Changing the way hire we means a harder interview process but also creates a work environment where leaders can manage easy knowing you cultivated your employees to the have the same core values and skills for great work.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

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